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標題: Comparisons of Pull-Out Resistance and Shear Strength Increment of Soil/Root System for Plants Commonly Used in Soil and Water Conservation: India-charcoal Trema, Cotton Rose, and Subcostate Crape Myrtle
水土保持常用植物山芙蓉、九芎及山黃麻土/根系統 之拉拔抗力及剪力強度增量之比較
作者: Der-Guay Lin
Sheng-Hsien Wang
Wei-Hsiang Chen
Jui-Ching Chou
關鍵字: Soil/root system;numerical simulation;pull-out resistance;shear strength increment.;土/根系統;數值模擬;拉拔抗力;剪力強度增量
Project: 中華水土保持, Volume 47, Issue 2, Page(s) 84-94.
This study investigates the influences of root morphology on the pull-out resistance and shear strength increment of soil-root system for three species of plants commonly used
in the soil and water conservation of slope land. The increment of shear strength of soil/root
system due to roots can be expressed in terms of increment of cohesion of soil mass. According to
the numerical models of soil-root systems of the three plants, one can carry out a series of numerical simulations of pull-out and direct shear tests. The analyses indicate the simulations of
ultimate pull-out resistance Pmax of soil-root system are in good agreement with measurements.
Meanwhile, the shear strength increments ΔSr due to roots of the three plants are different and
vary with their specific root morphology. The ΔSr values increase proportionally as the basal
diameter increases, in the order: (Subcostate crape myrtle) > (Cotton rose) > (India-charcoal

拉拔與直剪兩種試驗之數值模擬。分析結果顯示,土/根系統極限拉拔抗力 Pmax 之模擬值與量測值相當吻合。同時,
三種植物由於根系所獲得之土壤剪力強度增量 ΔSr,隨根系型態不同而有所差異,且其值皆隨著根系基徑 D 之增大而
增加。ΔSr 值隨著 D 值呈正比增加,其增加率之大小排序為:九芎 > 山芙蓉 > 山黃麻。
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