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標題: Accelerating Soil Moisture Determination with Microwave Oven
作者: Jalal Jalilian
Sina Siavash Moghaddam
Yadollah Tagizadeh
關鍵字: Soil sample;moisture content;convection oven
Project: 中華水土保持, Volume 48, Issue 2, Page(s) 101-103.
Soils moisture content determined by using convection oven or stove. The aims of this study were to determine the exactness and the soil drying duration of the microwave oven. The convection oven was considered to make the right moisture content and was, hence, utilized as a source for assessing the results. The experimental design was factorial based on completely randomized design. Treatments were; air drying oven as control (105 °C for 24 hours) and a microwave oven (90-180-360-600 and 900 Watt in 5 and 10 min duration). Taking into data evaluations of the outcomes, the microwave oven was an affordable means of fast drying soils. The methods developed and applied for drying soils with a microwave oven were timely, efficient, precise, and safe. The standard microwave oven was the most practical device to use in drying soils. The article examined the methods in determining the moisture content in soils via microwave radiation, which greatly accelerated the procedure, simplify the complexity and expense of lab tests. The utilization of microwave ovens in 600-watts to dry soil samples to conduct soil moisture tests offers the potential for the results to be accessed in 10 minutes, contrasted with around 24 hours to acquire the same results employing the standard oven technique that is the standard strategy used as a part of the industry.
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