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標題: Comparison of the Body Composition and Fitness Between the Elite and Sub-elite of High School Male Taekwondo Players
作者: Tai-Yuan Su
Jong-Chang Tsai
關鍵字: martial art;performance;adolescent;sex;技擊運動;表現;青少年;性別
Project: 興大體育學刊, Issue 16, Page(s) 13-23.
The purpose of this study was to establish the profiles of anthropometrical and fitness characteristics of male high school taekwondo athletes. A comparison of the elite and sub-elite athletes was conducted to find out the factors that affect the performance. 44 male taekwondo athletes aged from 15~18 were recruited to join this study. Each was subjected to the measurements of stature, weight, fat and skeletal muscle masses, and a battery of fitness tests consisted of vertical jump, sit-and-reach, hexagon agility test, visual reaction time and the Y-balance test. 15 athletes who were medalists of any nationwide games in the past year were pooled in the elite group and the other 29 in the sub-elite group. Data were analyzed by T-test and the significant level was set at 0.05. The results showed the elite group was characterized with an elder age, a lower fat percentage, a higher skeletal muscle percentage, a longer sit-and-reach distance, a faster reaction time, and these measured values were significantly different from the sub-elite group. It is suggested these factors could be critical for better performance of the high school male taekwondo players.

本研究目的在測量與分析男子高中跆拳道選手各項身體與體能因子,依選手成績分 為優秀與次佳兩組,比較兩組選手的差異,藉以探討影響男子高中跆拳道選手表現的身 體和體能因子。研究參與者為高中男子跆拳道選手 44 名,其中優秀組 15 名,曾在大型 比賽中踢入前四強,其餘 29 名則列為次佳組。每位選手接受身體和體能測量,身體測 量包括身高、體重、腿長、體脂率和骨骼肌肌肉率等,體能測量包括柔軟度、下肢爆發 力、敏捷、反應和動態平衡等。數據分別以 SPSS 軟體進行描述性統計和獨立樣本 t 檢 定,統計顯著水準訂為 0.05。研究結果顯示兩組選手分別在年紀、體脂率、骨骼肌比率、 柔軟度和反應差異顯著,其餘各項測量差異未達顯著。根據本研究結果,年紀較大、體 脂肪較低、骨骼肌肌肉量較高、柔軟度表現較佳以及視覺反應時間較短等是高中男子選 手是否能有傑出表現的重要因子。
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