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標題: Explore the Deviant Behavior of Elite Athletes
作者: Hsin-Hung Chiang
Cheng-Hsun Hsieh
Chien-Yu Lin
Ming-Kuen Cheng
Hsiu-Hui Chen
關鍵字: swimmer;life story;narrative analysis;deviant behavior;游泳選手;生命故事;敘說分析;偏差行為
Project: 興大體育學刊, Issue 16, Page(s) 49-58.
This research is based on the life story of a professional swimmer. Main purpose of this study is to understand the process of the deviation behavior of the research participant and to look at the research participant how to adjust and to deal with himself when he faced with happiness and depression. The narrative strategy of qualitative research was utilized as the main research method to this study. There is a main part of conclusion: Significant others have a great influence on the research participant's attitude and behavior when he was young. Significant others and the organizations of Physical Education should inform and to stop when the research participant's negative deviation behavior of the sport appeared.

隨著運動全球化的熱潮下,運動明星舉手投足不僅是青少年學習及模仿的對象,更 對其造成深遠之影響,而運動迷不僅關注運動明星在場上的精采表現,更對於運動明星 下場後的私人生活有著極度好奇。在此氛圍下,顯示社會大眾以高道德標準檢視運動明 星,使其一言一行得承擔所謂的社會責任。本研究以一位優秀游泳選手的生命故事,瞭 解其面臨生命中的高低起伏時,是如何調適自我及因應,並探討研究參與者的偏差行為 之關鍵事件。本研究採用質性研究之敘說分析為主要策略,呈現研究參與者生命之關鍵 事件。最後整理歸納後,發現重要他人對研究參與者從小的態度及行為影響甚深,因此 對於未來預防選手之偏差行為時,重要他人及體育相關組織皆扮演重要的角色。
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