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標題: The Football Training Program on The Improvement of Physical Fitness in College Students
作者: Chien-Wei Liang
Tzu-Jung Huang
Ming-Hung Chen
Chung-Hao Chen
關鍵字: football;physical fitness;college students;足球;健康體適能;大學生
Project: 興大體育學刊, Issue 16, Page(s) 59-70.
The aim of this study is to observe the effects of the physical-training curriculum on the improvement of physical fitness in college students of Chang Jung University. The sophomore and junior students, including 46 males at 20.47±1.19 years old, height as 174.78±5.40 cm and weight as 68.35±13.97 kg and 51 females at 20.25±0.96 years old, height as 159.25 ±5.34 cm and weight as 53.08±7.79 kg, were evaluated BMI (body mass index), curl-up test for 1 minute, standing long jump test, sit and reach test and one mile run in male 800 meter run in female before and after 16 weeks of football training program. After the training program, the power, cardiovascular fitness and body figure all significantly improved in males as well as the flexibility, power, cardiovascular fitness and body figure in females. In summary, the football training program developed by us can effectively improve the physical fitness in colligate students.

目的:本研究主要目的在探討長榮大學足球體育課程對學生健康體適能之情況。方 法:以長榮大學 102 學年度大學部二、三年級選修足球課之學生為 97 名 (男學生 46 名, 平均年齡為 20.47±1.19 歲,身高為 174.78±5.40 公尺,體重為 68.35±13.97 公斤;女學 生 51 名,平均年齡為 20.25±0.96 歲,身高為 159.25±5.34 公尺,體重為 53.08±7.79 公 斤) 為研究範圍,所規定之檢測項目 (身體質量指數、坐姿體前彎、一分鐘屈膝仰臥起 坐、立定跳遠、女生 800 公尺及男生 1600 公尺跑走) 。結果:經過十六週的足球體育 課程教學後,男學生各項健康體適能測驗成績,其身體組成、瞬發力、心肺耐力等項目 達顯著差異。女學生各項健康體適能測驗成績,其身體組成、柔軟度、瞬發力、心肺耐 力等項目達顯著差異。結論:發現足球體育課程對於男、女學生健康體適能皆有明顯進步。
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