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標題: Analysis of the Characteristic of Fouls in Copa America 2015
2015 年美洲盃足球賽犯規特徵之分析
作者: Chen-Hsun Hsu
Jung-jui Chao
Chien-Wei Liang
關鍵字: football;foul;Copa America;足球;犯規;美洲盃
Project: 興大體育學刊, Issue 16, Page(s) 71-80.
This study focuses on the fouls, time, areas and positions of offenders to investigate the effects to the games in Copa America 2015. We analyzed, explored and recorded the foul events with computer, television and video recorder to test the differences by descriptive statistics and Chi-Square test. The results: There are 761 fouls totally, 14.7 fouls per game and once per 3.07 minutes averagely. Diverse analysis of various time, areas and attack directions are different significantly (*p<0.05). There are 157 fouls happened during 31~45 minutes in the first half which is the most fouls happening time and midfield is the area happening the most fouls (431 times). There are most fouls, 327 times, happened in the midfield within different attack directions. Middle players have the most fouls, total 317 times, compared to other position players. In summary, because middle players always counterattack rapidly in games, they have the highest potential to foul or to be fouled near the midfield, which has the lower possibility to have the opponents goal directly after the fouls happened.

本研究之目的以 2015 年 (第 44 屆) 美洲盃足球賽中犯規之次數、時間、區域及犯 規者司職位置,加以探討犯規對於比賽之影響。利用球賽分析記錄法,透過電腦、電視 及錄影機的拍攝,加以分析、探討記錄各場比賽犯規之情形,將所得的資料以描述性統 計與卡方統計方法考驗 (Chi-Square test) 來檢定各項差異情形,並得到以下結果:本屆 美洲盃場上球員在犯規總數為 761 次,平均每場 14.7 次犯規 ,平均 3.07 分鐘有 1 次犯規 。不同時段、不同區域、進攻方向之不同區域犯規之分析均達到顯著差異 (*p<.05) ,上半場 31~45 分鐘犯規次數 157 次為犯規最多時段。犯規區域最多集中在中 場區域犯規次數 431 次為最高,進攻方向之不同犯規區域最多集中在中間區域犯規數 327 次為最高。犯規者司職位置以中場球員居首共計 317 次為犯規數最多的司職位置。 結論:現今足球比賽各隊充分利用中場進行快速反擊攻防轉換,因此中場球員成為犯規 比例最高的主要位置球員且犯規區域通常較趨近中線位置,犯規後對手直接攻門可能性 較低。
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