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標題: The Comparison Analysis of the Desire of Buying Authorized Merchandise for Participants of Large Athletic Meets---Take 2014 National University Athletic Meet for Example
大型運動賽會參與者對授權商品的購買意願比較分析 —以 103 年全國大專校院運動會為例
作者: Szu Yu Liu
Kao Tsan Wu
Chin Fa Chen
關鍵字: memorial merchandise;participant;spectator;紀念商品;參賽選手;觀賽民眾
Project: 興大體育學刊, Issue 17, Page(s) 1-10.
The purpose of the research was to explore the participantsof Large Athletic Meets awareness value and purchasing desire of vended memorial merchandise in the 2014 National University Athletic Meet. The research subject was the participants of 2014 National University Athletic Meet. The number of retrieved questionnaire executed by internet-determined method was 115 pieces;the valid number was 103 pieces, and the valid rate of retrieval was 89.5%. The method of descriptive statistics and t-test is adopted in the research. The research result showed that there was no significant difference between participants in product awareness value and purchasing desire. For the subjects who had purchased the merchandise, it was found that the most purchased category of merchandise was for daily use for the sake of practicability. The result showed daily-use products could be highly promoted to sell to the public. Therefore, the result suggested that the factory owners can exploit and sell relevant sport products with limited versions. Thus the memorial value of the merchandise can be lifted,and therefore the price and desire of buying products can be raised as well.

目的:了解運動賽會參與者對販售紀念商品的購買意願。方法:研究對象為 103 年全大運參與者,採立意抽樣之網路問卷收集樣本。回收問卷數為 115 份,有效問卷數 為 103 份,有效問卷回收率為 89.5%。統計方法為敘述性統計、描述性統計、t 檢定。 結果:一、61 人 (59.2%) 知道販售紀念商品訊息且網路宣傳與攤位宣傳為曝光方式。 二、消費行為以生活用品,且實用性為主。三、參賽身分在產品知覺價值 (t=0.750, p>.05) 與購買意圖 (t=0.193, p>.05) 並無顯著差異。產品知覺價值以實用性為主且產品購買意 圖以運動產品與生活用品為主。結論:參與者對產品的知覺價值會影響購買行為,參與 者購買產品以生活用品且實用性為主。
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