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標題: The Analysis of Intercept Successfully、Being Intercepted、Missed Pass in the Football Competition: the example of the champion, Pei Men senior high school football team, in the 103rd year National Yong Han Cup
足球比賽攔截成功、被搶、傳球失誤分析 以 103 年全國永瀚青年盃高男組冠軍北門高中為例
作者: Chung-Hao Chen
Chine-wei Liang
Tzu-Jung Huang
Yao-Tong Liu
關鍵字: National Beimen senior high school;Intercept;Pass;北門高中;攔截;傳球
Project: 興大體育學刊, Issue 17, Page(s) 11-20.
The goal of this research mainly discusses the champion, National Pei Men senior high school football team, their performance in the Natioanl Yong Han Cup senior high football competition. By this discussion, it will help readers to realize NPM high school players' features of body movement and level when passing and defending in the competitions. Based on slowly re-playing videos of all the six competitions in the 103rd year National Yong Han Cup as the observing and statistic method, the research focuses on the number of intercepting successfully、being intercepted、missed passing and many more in order to observe and analyze. All data are processed by descriptive statistics、times allocation and percentage Chi Square. By comparing between longitude / horizontal zone players cover in the first and in second half, the result shows players cover more in the first half than in the second half and the more intercepts one team has the more possession the team will have and that increases the possibility of winning the competitions.

本研究主要目的旨在探討 103 年全國永瀚青年盃高男組足球比賽北門高中軍隊內 容為分析,以便深入瞭解冠軍隊在傳球與防守時技術結構之動作特徵與水平。研究對象 以 103 年全國永瀚青年盃高男組冠軍隊北門高中全部賽程,共 6 場比賽為主。本研究將 錄影的比賽影片,經由再生慢速放影過程中觀察統計分析法,針對比賽過程中的攔截成 功、被搶、傳球失誤等資料進行觀察分析。所得資料以描述性統計、次數分配及百分比 與卡方檢定等方法處理。結果顯示,縱向區域與橫向區域上、下半場比較,上半場多於 下半場。攔截成功次數多,可獲得更多掌控球權並提高獲勝機率。
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