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標題: The Change of Junior College Students' Physical Fitness in National Taichung University of Science and Technology
作者: Chiu-Yen Wu
Su-Chu Chang
關鍵字: Physical Fitness;Junior College Students;Physical Fitness Test;健康體適能;五專學生;體適能檢測
Project: 興大體育學刊, Issue 17, Page(s) 21-32.
Purpose: This study aims to explore the development of physical fitness in the junior college students of the National Taichung University of Science and Technology (NUTC) during a period of the first three years. The differences between the each grade were performed with physical fitness Norm, and to evaluate the physical fitness of these students in the school. Methods: The participants were the junior college students admitted to NUTC in the 103 academic year. The test items include body mass index (BMI), the sit and reach, the 1 min set-ups, the standing long jump, and the 800/1600 m run/walk. The same items were tested again in both the 104 and the105 academic years. Totally, 528 students with three-year consecutive physical fitness test scores were selected as subjects. The data were analyzed by t test and repeated measure ANOVA. Results: 1) There is no significant difference in the flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, and explosive strength of these students in three years. 2) The flexibility, explosive strength and cardiopulmonary endurance scores of male students and the explosive strength and cardiopulmonary endurance scores of female students are not higher than the Norm. Conclusion: Both male and female students performed poorly on explosive strength and cardiopulmonary endurance. It is suggested that future PE curriculum should increase the training of lower limb strength and aerobic exercise to enhance the physical fitness of students.

目的:本研究旨在探討國立臺中科技大學五專學生在學三年期間體適能發展狀況, 並對照「臺灣地區體適能常模」,藉以評估臺中科大五專學生之體適能。方法:以臺中 科大 103 學年度入學之五專學生為對象,體適能檢測項目包括身體質量指數 (BMI) 、 一分鐘屈膝仰臥起坐、坐姿體前彎、立定跳遠及 800/1600 公尺跑走,並於 104 學年度、 105 學年度時再作檢測。選取連續三年皆有完成體適能檢測之學生合計 528 名,所得資 料以 t 檢定及重複量數變異數分析。結果:一、五專學生在學三年期間之柔軟度、肌力 與肌耐力、瞬發力等沒有明顯改變。二、男生之柔軟度、瞬發力及心肺耐力;女生之瞬 發力及心肺耐力皆不如常模。結論:五專男、女學生之瞬發力及心肺耐力表現不佳,未 來在體育課程安排,應增加下肢肌力及有氧運動訓練,以提升學生體適能水準。
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