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標題: The Influence of Different Body Mass Index on Physical Fitness Performance for NUTC Students
作者: Su-Chu Chang
Chiu-Yen Wu
關鍵字: physical fitness;body mass index;freshman;體適能;身體質量指數;大學新生
Project: 興大體育學刊, Issue 17, Page(s) 33-42.
The purpose of this study is to explore the physical fitness performance of freshmen with different body mass index. The participants were 824 freshmen (237 males and 587 females). The test items include body mass index (BMI), one minute bent-knee sit-up, forward flexion, standing broad jump, and the 800/1600 m run/walk. The data is based on descriptive statistics and the one-way analysis of variance. Results: 1. Freshmen's muscular power, muscle strength, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory capacity are average compared to the Norm of the Ministry of Education, but cardiorespiratory capacity of male students is slightly worse than female students. 2. Compared with different body mass index group, there is a significant difference in muscular power, muscle strength, muscular endurance, and cardiorespiratory capacity, since overweight group performed poorly in general. However, there is no remarkable flexibility difference in different groups. Thus, in the future, schools should establish relevant education in terms of building healthy dietary habits, developing the correct concept of exercise to enhance personal health and physical fitness standards.

本研究目的為探討不同身體質量指數學生體適能之差異,並與教育部體適能常模進 行比較。以 824 位大學新生,男生 237 人,女生 587 人為研究對象。體適能測驗項目包 含身體質量指數 (BMI) 、一分鐘屈膝仰臥起坐、坐姿體前彎、立定跳遠及 800/1600 公 尺跑走。以描述性統計建立資料,並以單因子變異數分析。結果:一、大一男、女學生 在瞬發力、肌力及肌耐力、心肺耐力項目大多位於教育部常模的中等水準,但男生心肺 耐力表現稍差。二、不同身體質量指數組間,瞬發力、肌力及肌耐力、心肺耐力達顯著 差異,過重組表現普遍較差,但柔軟度表現各組未達顯著差異。未來學校相關單位及體 育教學方面應再宣導建立健康的飲食習慣及培養正確的運動觀念以提升個人健康與體 適能水準。
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