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標題: The Study of Relationships Among Self-Reported Health Status, Body Image and Interpersonal Relationships of Female
作者: YehHsuan Chun
Huang Chuan Chuan
關鍵字: self-reported health status;body image;interpersonal relationships of female;自覺健康狀態;身體意象;人際關係
Project: 興大體育學刊, Issue 17, Page(s) 43-54.
In this study, research on the study of relationships of the seniors older than 18 females among self-reported health status, body image and interpersonal relationships. There were 412 questionnaires released, and 412 questionnaires were retrieved with a valid retrieval rate of 100%. And we use them to analyze four hypotheses by SPSS statistical softarwe 19.0 and AMOS 20 statistical softarwe to know the fitness of the model and explore correlations among variables.The results showed that: The correlation between the body image of female and the self-reported health status is positive. The correlation between the self-reported health status of female and the interpersonal relationships is positive. The correlation between the body image of female and the interpersonal relationships is positive. The self-reported health status is a mediator between the body image and the interpersonal relationships. Therefore, the interpersonal relationships of female are based on the results of the self-reported health status. If the self-reported health status is going to be better and better, and the body image can also predict effectively the interpersonal relationships of female.

本研究欲針對年齡滿 18 歲之成年女性以了解其自覺健康狀態、身體意象及人際關 係等相關研究,採便利抽樣法,正式問卷發放 412 份,回收 412 份,回收率為 100%, 並依研究目的使用 SPSS 19.0 版及 AMOS 20 統計軟體進行資料處理及分析並探討各因 素之關係。研究結果發現:成年女性之身體意象與自覺健康狀態有正向影響;自覺健康 狀態與人際關係有正向影響;身體意象與人際關係之有正向影響;自覺健康狀態對於身 體意象與人際關係之間具有中介效果。因此,成年女性自我感受的健康狀態能有效預測 人際關係的支持程度,若成年女性之自覺健康狀態越佳,則能與身體意象共同預測人際 關係,使人際關係支持程度提升。
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