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標題: The Relationships of Sources of Sport Enjoyment and Sport Commitment for Track and Field Athletes
作者: Wang Yao-Tsung
Hsu Gi-Sheng
Ma Chun-Ping
關鍵字: sources of sport enjoyment;sport commitment;運動樂趣來源;運動承諾
Project: 興大體育學刊, Issue 17, Page(s) 69-80.
The purpose of this study were: (1) to examine the differences of the sources of sport enjoyment for male and female track and field athletes. (2) toexplore the relationship between sources of sport enjoyment and the related factors of sport commitment model for high school track and field athletes. A total of 897 high school track and field athletes who participated in National High School Track and Field Tournament were served as participants. All participants were asked to complete the demographic data, the Inventory of Sources of Sport Enjoyment and the Inventory of Sport Commitment. The one-way MANOVA and canonical correlation statistics methods were used to analyze all collected data. The results of this study indicated that: (1) a significant gender different were found in sources of sport enjoyment, female athletes had higher score in 'social and life opportunities' than male athletes, while male athletes had higher score in 'activity itself' and 'perceived competence' than female athletes. (2) high school athletes'「high activity itself, high social and life opportunities, high perceived competence, and high social recognition and rewards」of sources of sport enjoyment pattern were correlated with athletes'「high sport commitment, high sport enjoyment, high involvement opportunities, and high personal investments 」 sport commitment pattern. Finally, based on the results of current study, the implications for the coaches and athletes and suggestions for the future studies are discussed.

本研究主要目的在:一、比較中學男、女田徑選手運動樂趣來源之差異情形;二、 探討中學田徑選手運動樂趣來源與運動承諾模式相關因素之關係。本研究以參加全國中 等學校田徑錦標賽暨公開賽之國、高中男、女田徑選手共 897 人為研究對象。所有受試 者被要求填寫基本資料、運動樂趣來源量表以及運動承諾模式量表。以單因子多變量變 異數分析以及典型相關分析方法分析所有資料。研究結果顯示:一、中學男、女田徑選 手在運動樂趣來源方面有顯著差異存在,其中,女選手在社交和生活機會方面高於男選 手,而男選手在活動本身以及知覺能力方面高於女選手;二、中學田徑選手的「高活動 本身、高社交和生活機會、高知覺能力以及高社會認同和獎勵」之運動樂趣來源組型, 與「高運動承諾、高運動樂趣、高參與機會以及高個人投資」組型有密切關聯。最後, 本研究根據研究結果提出具體建議,供教練選手以及未來研究參考。
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