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標題: 性愛的身體書寫:論安˙恩瑞特《聚》與《被遺忘的華爾滋》中的愛爾蘭母性
Writing Sex on Body: Irish Motherhood in Anne Enright's The Gathering and The Forgotten Waltz
作者: 吳湘云
Hsiang-Yun Wu
關鍵字: 安˙恩瑞特;《聚》;《被遺忘的華爾滋》;愛爾蘭母性;身體;性愛;通姦;天主教;Anne Enright;The Gathering;The Forgotten Waltz;Irish Motherhood;Body;Sexuality;Adultery;Catholicism
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Anne Enright's novels The Gathering (2007) and The Forgotten Waltz (2011) both focus on female oppression, family, love and sexual relationship. In general, the theme of adultery violates the fundamental law of God. Catholicism has been a crucial influence for Ireland because the Irish society has long followed Catholic principles and values which contain obedience and chastity. However, Enright's female personas face themselves and reveal their sexuality that challenges the normality of Irish society owing to the social belief in women's nature as virtuous as Virgin Mary. In The Forgotten Waltz revolves adultery among two married subjects, the narrator Gina and Sean. Gina who enacts a female role commits adultery without a sense of guilt. Veronica, the heroine in The Gathering, gradually pieces up her subjectivity and overcomes childhood trauma by self-exposure. Moreover, after the death of their kinship, both Gina and Veronica have to face squarely to the burden of their marriage and original family related to Catholicism. The two novels connote the predicaments in Irish motherhood which has been controlled by the patriarchal society. In my thesis, I contend that Enright's The Gathering and The Forgotten Waltz uncover Irish women's will of resistance to Catholic Church, and this thesis will analyze that through adultery and sexual expression, women's body and sexual desire will be further revealed and reshaped.
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