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標題: 畜禽彎曲桿菌檢測方法學之比較
Comparison of methods for detecting of Campylobacter spp. from livestocks
作者: 張惠茹
Hui-Ju Chang
關鍵字: 彎曲桿菌;檢測方法;增菌;畜禽;Campylobacter;detection methods;enrichment;livestock
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彎曲桿菌目前被認為是引發細菌性胃腸炎的病原之一,可能是透過處理或食用未經加工或未煮熟的受污染肉類產品所造成的。目前在培養彎曲桿菌上並沒有所謂的黃金標準方法,因此藉由比較四種不同的增菌步驟,來尋找適合實驗室的檢測方法。我們使用三種不同來源樣本,包括家禽屠體浸洗液 (n = 108)、豬隻屠體擦拭液 (n = 93)及糞便 (n=46),比較A~D四種不同的增菌步驟對彎曲桿菌分離率之影響。結果顯示,D方法得到最多的陽性樣本數 (36.4%),其次是C方法 (23.1%)、A方法 (17.0%)及B方法最低 (6.9%)。不同的樣本中,家禽屠體浸洗液與糞便中彎曲桿菌之分離率都是以D方法最高 (44.4%與76.1%),並且主要是分離出空腸彎曲桿菌 (Campylobacter. jejuni)。豬隻屠體樣本中彎曲桿菌之分離率以C方法最高 (12.9%),分離菌株主要是大腸彎曲桿菌 (Campylobacter coli)。由結果中得知,背景微生物較多的樣本比如家禽屠體浸洗液與糞便,以D方法中使用之Exeter broth在分離彎曲桿菌上效果最佳,並促進空腸彎曲桿菌的生長,而C方法中使用之改良過的Bolton broth則更有利於大腸彎曲桿菌的生長,這結果表明所使用的增菌方式會影響菌種之分離率。

Campylobacter is one of pathogenic bacterial gastroenteritis they most likely result from handling or consumption of raw or undercooked contaminated meat products. Since there is no gold standard method in culture, four different enrichment programs are compared to find suitable laboratory testing methods. To identify the optimal method for detection of Campylobacter, four enrichment procedures of method A to method D were compared for three matrices: poultry carcass rinse (n = 108), livestock carcass wipes (n = 93) and feces (n = 46). In our study, Method D provided the highest number of positive samples (36.4%), Method C (23.1%), Method A (17.0%), Method B provided the minimal number of positive samples (6.9%). In different samples, the detection rate of the poultry carcass rinse and feces was the highest (44.4% and 76.1%) in the Method D, and Campylobacter jejuni was mainly isolated. Livestock carcass wipes were highest in Method C (12.9%), mainly Campylobacter coli. In our data, Exeter broth used in the method D optimal for Campylobacter isolation from highly contaminated samples such as poultry carcass rinse or feces. Enrichment in Exeter broth promoted the isolation of Campylobacter jejuni, whilst enrichment in modified Bolton broth used in the method C favored Campylobacter coli, indicates that the enrichment method used influences the isolation rate of Campylobacter.
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