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標題: 退火效應對以電漿輔助化學氣相沉積法製備碳密封鍍層光纖性質的影響
Annealing effects on the properties of hermetically carbon-coated optical fibers prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition method
作者: 唐維村
Tang, Wei-Cun
關鍵字: 退火效應;電漿輔助化學氣相沉積法;密封鍍層;非晶質碳
出版社: 材料工程學研究所

In this experiment, hermetically carbon-coated optical fibers were prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition method. The properties of hermetically carbon-coated optical fibers were investigated with varying the annealing temperature on the same deposition conditions. With the annealing effects, the densification and mechanical property of carbon-coated optical fibers should be improved. The film thickness, microstructure, optical and mechanical properties of carbon coatings were analyzed by field emission scanning electron microscope, raman scattering spectrum, ultraviolet/visible spectrophotometer, tensile test, respectively. Through the immersed liquid nitrogen test, the thermal stability of carbon-coated optical fibers was observed. As the result, the film thickness decreases with increasing the annealing temperature. In this case, the film structure is redistributed, the degree of bonding distortion and the bonding defects are reduced with the increment in the annealing temperature at an annealing temperature being below 300℃. When the annealing temperature sets between 200 and 300℃, the surface appearances are better and the thermal-induced voids are less observed in the outer surface of optical fiber. Furthermore, the tensile strength of carbon-coated optical fiber has the maximum value(409±43MPa), as the annealing temperature equals to 200℃. Based on the experimental results, the carbon-coated optical fiber maintains the better surface morphology, the better thermal stability and the superior mechanical property, as the annealing temperature is 200℃. Consequently, these carbon-coated optical fibers should become the hermetical coating through the appropriate annealing process.
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