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標題: 以三通道EMG訊號控制3D列印之多軸電動機械義肢手
The use of 3 channels EMG to control 3D printed and multi-axis electro-mechanical prosthetic hand
作者: 田晉瑋
Chin-Wei Tien
關鍵字: 3D列印;多軸;機電手臂;3D printing;multi–axis;myo prosthetics

Upper limb disability has highest rate among the physical disabled people in the country. With the development of robotics and 3D printing technology in recent years, mechanized functional prostheses have been widely developed.
However, the below elbow prosthetic on the market can only control the palm or achieve the pre-set action. The most degrees of freedom is only six axes, including the five finger and thumb opposition. Also, they need at least 10 pieces of EMG electrodes to achieve the gesture movement. It will result the much longer time when user training. The six axes also will be inconvenience on some normal life movement.
Therefore, this research designed and developed a three-channel multi-axis 3D printing prosthetic system. This system consists of two parts: the training interface and the prosthetic arm. The training interface is built by Labview, and the prosthetic arm is made by 3D printer. Employ the idea of mode switching in this research, we can reduce the number of electrodes while maintaining the number of gestures. Our prosthetic also has two more degrees of freedom than other products. The 3D printing technology also helps reduce the time and money costs. Hope this research can provide much more humanized prosthetic to patients.
Rights: 同意授權瀏覽/列印電子全文服務,2021-08-21起公開。
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