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標題: 有機奈米粒與銀奈米棒之間的金屬螢光增強研究
Metal-enhanced fluorescence evaluation between fluorescent organic nanoparticle and silver nanorod
作者: 羅生兆
Sheng-Jhao Luo
關鍵字: 有機奈米粒與銀奈米棒之間的;金屬螢光增強研究;MEF;FONs;DEE;AIEE
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金屬增強螢光(MEF, Metal-enhanced fluorescence)是經由金屬表面電漿共振(Surface Plasmon resonance, SPR)所造成的分子螢光增強的現象。本論文主要是利用銀奈米線為基質,探討螢光質(Fluorophore)與奈米銀表面之金屬增強螢光(MEF, Metal-enhanced fluorescence)效應。研究過程首先採用化學還原法合成銀奈米線與銀奈米粒子,並以三種不同的有機硫化合物對銀奈米金屬表面做改質與修飾,與不同結構的螢光分子作用,讓螢光分子有距離的銀奈米線或銀奈米粒的表面接觸,再利用光譜變化篩選出螢光質與奈米線跟奈米粒之間形成錯合物之後表現出MEF效應的組合,接著探討這些錯合物配位的最佳比例與配位機制,最後並將所建立的MEF平台與螢光有機奈米線(Fluorescent Organic Nanowires)作比較。

Metal-enhanced fluorescence (MEF, metal-enhanced fluorescence) is a phenomenon of enhanced molecular fluorescence caused by plasma resonance (Surface plasmon resonance, SPR) on metal surfaces. In this paper, the effects of the fluorescence (fluorophore) and the metal-enhanced fluorescence (MEF, metal-enhanced fluorescence) on the surface of nano-silver are investigated by using the silver-nano rice noodle as the matrix. In the research process, the silver nanowires and Bannami particles were synthesized by chemical reduction method. The surface of the Bannami machine was modified and modified with three different organic sulfur compounds, and the fluorescent molecule was grafted on the surface of the silver-nano rice noodle or the silver-nano grains according to the effect of different organic sulfide and fluorescent molecule. The combination of the MEF effect after the formation of the mismatch between the fluorescence quality and the nanowires was screened by the spectral change, then the optimal ratio and coordination mechanism of the mismatch were discussed, and the established MEF platform and fluorescent organic nano-rice noodle (fluorescent organic nanowires) for comparison.
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