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標題: 砷化鎵晶圓接合界面微結構與電性之研究
The Investigation of Interface and Electrical Properties in GaAs Wafer Bonding
作者: 鄭季豪
Cheng, Ji Hao
關鍵字: wafer bonding GaAs TEM;晶圓接合 砷化鎵 電子顯微鏡
出版社: 材料工程學研究所
本實驗探討砷化鎵接合晶圓(GaAs Bonded wafers)在不同的退火溫度下所展現不同性質,利用穿透式電子顯微鏡(Transmission Electron Microscopy, TEM)來研究不同接合角度(90°和180°)且經過不同退火溫度(500℃ ~ 850℃)後的N型與P型砷化鎵晶圓接合界面間的顯微結構,將微結構與其電性交互分析。同時我們也利用能量分散光譜儀(Energy depressive x-ray spectroscopy, EDS)、快速傅立葉轉換(Fast Fourier Transform, FFT)與自身交互運算函數(Auto Correlation Function, ACF)來研究界面微結構的變化。總體而言,P型接合晶圓的界面微結構隨溫度而改變的速度比N型快,而且相同條件下的90°順相接合界面比180°還要快一點;這些微結構的差異與電性的結果有非常大的關係。

Using high resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM), we investigated the microstructure of the interface fabricated after twist-bonding(90° & 180°) two N-type and P-type GaAs wafers respectively at a series of annealing temperatures (500 ~ 850℃) and we also to evaluate the electrical performance of the bonded wafer. Energy depressive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS) line-scan, Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and Auto Correlation Function (ACF) will also used to study the interface microstructure. At last, we analyze the overall result, which was obtained by HRTEM along with the electrical properties (I-V curve). We find that the P-type bonded wafers have the batter electrical performance.
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