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dc.description.abstract高有序與大面積表面皺褶微結構之製備於近幾年中一直是個備受挑戰的課 題,本研究計畫建構於仿生(biomimetic)的概念,建立一新穎性濕式製程的方式, 結合材料化學反應,來製備具高規則排列與大面積的表面皺褶(wrinkle)型態,以期應用於拉伸式光電元件與乾式吸附等應用。本研究開發一新穎濕式製程,透過選擇一水溶性高分子做為犧牲層,緊接著依序將硬質材料與軟性基材,如矽膠(PDMS)披覆於高分子犧牲層上,將整體材料至於水相中使高分子犧牲層緩慢溶解,於溶解過程中會形成一穩定且持續性的應力累積,使材料表面皺褶化(wrinkling),透過材料軟硬度與塗佈製程的控制,使自發產生的皺褶型態具有高規則排整而具有光子晶體的特性,此一濕式製程不需高真空設備,具低成本、便利性與大面積製備等特性,利於工業發展,於軟性電子元件與仿生電子皮膚具有極大的應用潛力。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractHere, we develop a new 'wet approach' for the design of skin-like, large-area, and well-ordered polymer-based nanohybrids materials with photonic crystal property. Wrinkles or folds appear when skin is deformed due to muscle contraction or some outside mechanical deformation; they disappear after the deformation is removed. This latter phenomenon is a type of mechanical instability that develops in response to the applied stress (thermal, mechanical, or osmotic), showing unique, periodic surface patterns. By combination of polymer self-assembly and wrinkling, highly ordered lamellar polymer-based wrinkle morphology will be fabricated after releasing stress. Their wavelength and amplitude could be controlled by tuning their thickness and hardness degree. As a result, the wrinkle nanohybrids with flexible and stretchable characters should give the potential applications for sensing and mechanical devices such as mechanochromic sensors, surface enhanced Raman scattering, and gecko-like adhesives.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontents摘要 i Abstract ii 目錄 iii 圖目錄 v 1.文獻回顧: 1 1-1皺摺現象 1 1-1-1自然界皺褶靈感: 1 1-1-2指紋應用於乾式吸附 2 1-2 皺褶種類及理論 3 1-2-1 熱力學下三元曲面相圖 3 1-2-2 皺摺型態種類 4 1-2-3 皺褶製備方法分類 8 1-3皺摺種類及應用 14 1-3-1 金屬皺褶材料及應用: 14 1-3-2 導電高分子材料及應用: 19 1-3-3 碳族材料及應用: 26 1-3-4 陶瓷材料及應用: 33 2. 實驗目標: 35 3.實驗方法 36 3-1 藥品及儀器介紹: 36 3-1-1 藥品 36 3-1-2 儀器介紹 37 3-2 試片製備 41 3-2-1 樣品處理 41 3-2-2 實驗流程 42 4.結果與討論 44 4-1 皺褶生成: 44 4-1-1 自發性高有序皺褶材料生成與控制 44 4-1-2皺褶生成之控制參數: 46 4-1-3探討高分子釋放層對皺摺結構的影響: 49 4-1-4尺寸效應(size effect): 50 4-1-5形狀效應(shape effect): 52 4-1-6 生成機制探討: 53 4-1-7探討單向浸水方向對皺摺結構的影響: 54 4-2 開發不同材料組成之表面皺褶型態 55 4-2-1高分子表面皺褶 55 4-2-2金屬表面皺褶 57 4-2-3陶瓷表面皺摺 58 4-2-4碳族表面皺摺 59 5.未來展望 60 5-1 製程優勢 60 5-2潛力材料開發之用途 61 參考文獻 64zh_TW
dc.subjectwet approachen_US
dc.titleSpontaneous Formation of Stable Aligned Wrinklesen_US
dc.typethesis and dissertationen_US
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