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標題: 兆赫波超穎材料檢測牛血清白蛋白研究
The Properties of Terahertz Metamaterial Sensing bovine serum albumin
作者: 張宗皓
Tsung-Hao Chang
關鍵字: 超穎材料;生物感測;兆赫波;牛血清白蛋白;Metamaterial;Terahertz;bovine serum albumin;Bio-sensing
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這個工作在於研究缺口共振環(Split resonator rings)覆蓋牛血清白蛋白BSA (bovine serum albumin),在兆赫波下量測其共振頻率,並藉由共振環缺口的電容與電感特性變化來分析其濃度與偏移量的相依性,來做為生物檢測的方法。

In this study, we measure the resonance frequency in different concentrations of BSA (bovine serum albumin) in Terahertz Metamaterial. By using the Terahertz spectra frequency shift to analysis the concentration of BSA as a biosensor.
In the experiment, the metamaterial is made by gold because it has high Q-factor which is very suitable as a high sensitivity tool for the biological sensor. In addition, we can observe the Terahertz spectra frequency shift as a biosensor by coating different concentration of BSA.
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