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標題: 殺蟲劑暴露對於農業捕食者紅胸隱翅蟲生活史特徵種內變異的影響
The effect of insecticide exposure on intraspecific variation of life history traits in agricultural generalist predator Paederus beetle
作者: 馮文斌
Wen-Bin Feng
關鍵字: 半致死時間;抗藥性;亞致死效應;性別偏向;Median lethal time;insecticide resistance;sublethal effect;sex-biased
引用: Abbas, N., S. A. Shad, and M. Razaq. 2012. Fitness cost, cross resistance and realized heritability of resistance to imidacloprid in Spodoptera litura (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology 103: 181-188. Abbas, N., H. Khan, and S. A. Shad. 2015. Cross-resistance, stability, and fitness cost of resistance to imidacloprid in Musca domestica L.,(Diptera: Muscidae). Parasitology Research 114: 247-255. Abbas, N., M. M. Mansoor, S. A. Shad, A. K. Pathan, A. Waheed, M. Ejaz, M. Razaq, and M. Zulfiqar. 2014. Fitness cost and realized heritability of resistance to spinosad in Chrysoperla carnea (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae). Bulletin of Entomological Research 104: 707-715. Alyokhin, A., M. Baker, D. Mota-Sanchez, G. Dively, and E. Grafius. 2008. Colorado potato beetle resistance to insecticides. American Journal of Potato Research 85: 395-413. Ang, L.-H., and C.-Y. Lee. 2011. 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由於能量的獲取主要用於解毒酵素,因此生活使特徵與抗藥性之間的權衡在昆蟲演化上是很普遍的。除此之外,急性殺蟲劑暴露可能對於存活的昆蟲產生生理或行為造成的影響。紅胸隱翅蟲 (Paederus fuscipes Curtis) 作為一種有益昆蟲可以抑制農業系統中的害蟲族群數量。然而和其他田間害蟲一樣,大量藥劑的使用也可能篩選出抗性的紅胸隱翅蟲個體,其生命表特徵的變化可能會干擾它作為有益害蟲在生態上的益處或者促進其在人類居住地的入侵。在本次研究中,我們測定從台灣十個水稻田中採集的紅胸隱翅蟲對於三種常用於田間害蟲管理的殺蟲劑 (益達胺、賽滅寧、撲滅松¬) 的半致死時間 (median lethal time),並發現這十個地點的紅胸隱翅蟲對於賽滅寧和撲滅松的抗藥性很相近 (1-4倍),但是對於益達胺的抗藥性卻有顯著的差異 (1-16倍)。分析發現益達胺的抗藥性對於紅胸隱翅蟲生命表特徵的影響有限,只有卵期、雄蟲以及雌蟲壽命顯著受到益達胺抗藥性發展的影響,卵期會隨著益達胺抗藥性的上升而延長,但是雌雄壽命則會因此下降。另外,本研究也測定了兩個不同抗性程度的益達胺抗性品系對於益達胺的亞致死效應 (sublethal effect),在多數處理下後代成蟲的性別偏向雌性。當Ji品系的成蟲經過益達胺亞致死暴露後,其後代品質由於在卵的長度顯著下降,此外亞致死效應尤其在Ji品系處理上表現得顯著,和控制組 (7.10 ± 1.32 (±SE)) 對照發現處理組 (12.80 ± 8.95 (±SE) to 42.70 ± 13.77 (±SE)) 的平均雌性產卵量都有上升,然而可能由於品系間抗藥性不同,亞致死效應在所測定的兩個品系中結果相當不一致。

The tradeoff of life history trait in the evolution of insecticide resistance is common in insect owing to energy acquisition mainly channels for detoxifying enzyme purposes. In addition, acute exposure of insecticide may also elicit impact on physiology and behavior on survived insects. The rove beetle, Paederus fuscipes Curtis, is a beneficial insect that suppresses agricultural pest populations in agroecosystems. However, as with other agricultural pests, massive input of pesticides may have led to selection of resistance in populations of Paederus beetles. Hence, any change of life history traits of Paederus beetle may disrupt their ecosystem service or facilitate their invasion in human setting. In the study, we determined median lethal time of ten field-collected strains in Taiwan against three insecticides that commonly employed to manage agricultural pests including imidacloprid, cyhalothrin and fenitrothion. We exhibited that the toxicities of cyhalothrin and fenitrothion were similar among strains (1 to 4-fold) but significant difference among tested strains was detected in imidacloprid treatment (1 to 16-fold). The effect of long term exposure of imidacloprid on life history traits of Paederus beetle was limited, in which only egg incubation and adult longevity were significantly compensated in the evolution of insecticide resistance. In particular, the egg incubation period was prolonged and adult longevity was reduced along with increasing of imidacloprid resistance. The sublethal effect of imidacloprid on biological attributes of offspring and adult fecundity was investigated on two strains with different level of imidacloprid resistance. The adult sex ratios were slightly female-biased in most combinations. The quality of offspring, particularly eggs, was significantly decrease when adults of Ji strain were sublethal exposed to imidacloprid. In addition, hormetic effect was apparent in Ji strain as mean fecundity per female increase from 12.80 ± 8.95 (±SE) to 42.70 ± 13.77 (±SE) eggs in comparison with those of control (7.10 ± 1.32 (±SE)). However, the phenomenal was rather inconsistent among strains tested possibly owing to difference in insecticide resistance level as reproductive compensation was absent in the resistant population.
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