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標題: 媒體併購審查之研究—以結合審查為中心
A Study About Appropriate Merger Standards Of Media Merger Cases
作者: 徐嘉伶
Chia-Ling Hsu
關鍵字: 基本權競合;第四權;制度性保障;組織與程序保障;公平交易法;Basic rights co-opetition;fourth power;institutional guarantee;organization and procedure guarantee;Fair trade law
本文嘗試從媒體在憲法上的定位,分析媒體事業本身擁有的權利及功能,媒體影響人民權利的層面切入分析媒體事業結合可能造成之影響。再從制度性保障的角度來剖析國家對於管理媒體的必要性與管理的界限。並分析我國管制 濟活動的正當性,推導國家透過公平交易法管制媒體事業結合之目的、正當性及界限。並且進一步檢視我國現行公平交易法相關事業結合的規範以及管制媒體事業的相關規定與實務運作上對於媒體事業結合時可能造成之風險,在規範中預防措施的充分度,並分析比較美國與英國就媒體事業結合的規範制度作為參考的對象,提出本文淺見。

In view of the fact that in recent years, media mergers and acquisitions cases are not uncommon, and because the media has the function of expressing public opinion and supervising the government's ability to control the fourth power, and is an important channel for the circulation of public opinion in democratic countries, the consortium expands the media business through mergers and acquisitions, making the media industry fall into a minority. The consortium and enterprises are in turn a private monopoly. Further, there is a possibility that the 'freedom of speech' and the 'inside press freedom' of journalists may have a negative impact.
This paper attempts to analyze the media's position in the constitution and analyze the rights and functions of the media industry. The media influences the people's rights and analyzes the possible impact of the media industry. From the perspective of institutional guarantee, it analyzes the necessity of the state for managing media and the boundaries of management. It also analyzes the legitimacy of China's economic activities and deduces the country's purpose, legitimacy and boundaries through the fair trade law. And further examine the norms of the current fair trade law related business in China and the related regulations of the regulatory media business and the risks that may be caused when the media operations are combined with the media operations, the adequacy of preventive measures in the norms, and the analysis of the United States and the United Kingdom. The normative system combined with the media industry is the object of reference.
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