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標題: 多元可時效強化合金之開發
Development of age hardenable multicomponent alloys
作者: 黃守永
Shou-Yong Huang
關鍵字: 多元合金;時效強化;multicomponent alloys;age hardening
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In this research, we designed ten kinds of multicomponent alloys added different elements. In order to select the alloy with great precipitation hardening ability, the alloys have been through solid solution treatment and aging process, then we evaluated the hardening performance of alloys by initial tests.
After confirming the target alloy, we studied the mechanical properties of the alloy in different aging conditions. Then we observed the microstructure of target alloy, there are a great numbers of precipitates appeared in the alloys. Therefore, the alloys have high strength and good ductility in some of aging conditions,and the mechanical property of the alloy is great.
Finally,the target alloy have been through different manufacturing process, and we studied its mechanical properties and microstructure. Hopefully, we can realize the relationship between mechanical properties and microstructure of the target alloy.
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