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標題: 配方對多元合金強化能力之影響
Effect of composition on the hardening ability of multicomponent alloys
作者: 莊竣雄
Jyun-Syoung Jhuang
關鍵字: 多元合金;強化;hardening ability;multicomponent alloys
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In this research, we designed 11 kinds of multi-compoent alloys with different addition element and contents and divided into three series of alloys. By evaluating the metallographic and hardness analysis results of each alloy after solution treatment and aging at different temperatures and times. We choose the series of alloys with the best hardening effect were the target alloy. Then tensile test analysis was carried out to observe the influence of the change of composition and content on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the alloy. The results show that the change of the added components in the multi-alloy will affect its microstructure and mechanical properties, and some alloys after aging treatment will produce a large amount of precipitates in the matrix, causing the alloy to be significantly strengthened and still maintain a certain ductility, which has excellent mechanical properties.
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