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標題: 鋰鋁層狀雙氫氧化物表面成長鎳顆粒做為觸媒管及其應用
Direct growth of Ni particle on Li-Al layered double hydroxide as catalyst tube and application
作者: 董育維
Yu-Wei Dong
關鍵字: 層狀雙氫氧化物;乙醇蒸氣重組;催化反應器;擔體;Layered Double Hydroxide (LDH);Ethanol steam reforming;catalytic converters
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蒸汽重組為目前工業上常用大量製氫方法,其效能受到觸媒以及催化反應器(catalytic converters)所影響。本研究於304不銹鋼表面合成Ni/NiO@LiAl LDH觸媒管做為乙醇蒸氣重組反應器。首先利用電沉積方法在304不銹鋼管表面成長Li-Al-CO3層狀雙氫氧化物(Layered Double Hydroxide, LDH)做為觸媒載體,之後浸入碳酸鎳水溶液攪拌至pH值7.4以上,即可在片狀表面成長鎳前驅物;進行氫氣還原處理後,LiAl LDH片狀表面均勻成長鎳及氧化鎳奈米顆粒層,其厚度及鎳含量隨攪拌時間增加;本研究LDH不需經過鍛燒前處理,且避免使用難處理的硝酸鎳溶液,即可直接成長高表面積觸媒管做為乙醇蒸氣重組反應器使用。在500℃下氫氣選擇率皆可達到84 %以上。藉由提高鎳觸媒層厚度及反應面積,能進一步提升氫氣轉化率以及觸媒壽命。不同攪拌時間之觸媒其氫氣轉化率由大至小分別為180_min R (11 %) > 30 _min R (7.5 %) > LiAl LDH (6.5 %)。180_min R具有最長觸媒壽命,在反應2.5小時後其氫氣轉化率逐漸下降。

Steam reforming is a large-scale hydrogen production method commonly used in the industry, and its efficiency is affected by the catalyst and the catalytic converters . In this study , Growing of high surface area catalyst on stainless steel tube as an ethanol steam reforming reactor . Frist, Li-Al-CO3 Layered Double Hydroxide (LDH) support is deposited on 304 stainless steel tube using electrodeposition method and nickel precursor is grown homogeneously over LiAl LDH surface by immersed and stirred in a nickel carbonate aqueous solution. After reduction, metal Ni and NiO nanoparticle layers is developed on LDH sheet surface, and the thickness and the nickel loading increases when stirring for longer . The process does not need to be repeat calcined, and avoids the use of nickel nitrate solution . The hydrogen selectivity can reach more than 84% at 500 °C. When the thickness of the nickel catalyst layer and the reaction area increase, the hydrogen conversion and lifetime increase. The hydrogen conversion of the catalyst tubes with different stirring times is 180_min R (11 %) > 30 _min R (7.5 %) > LiAl LDH (6.5 %). 180_min R has the longest catalytic lifetime, and its hydrogen conversion gradually decreases after 2.5 hours .
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