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標題: 利用次波長光柵與槽狀波導實現極化分光器
Polarization beam splitter based on sub-wavelength grating and slot waveguide
作者: 吳昌玹
Chang-Xuan Wu
關鍵字: 極化光分離器;光波導;多模干涉;次波長光柵;槽狀波導;擴增型低折射率波導;polarized light splitter;optical waveguide;multimode interference;sub-wavelength grating;slot waveguide;Augmented Low Index Guiding
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光積體電路由許多的元件構成,如半導體大型集成積體電路一般,諸如調變器、開關、分光器、傳發器、偵測器、放大器等,而本論文主要聚焦於設計極化光分離器,以擴增型低折射率波導為基礎,利用多模干涉與次波長光柵結構;槽狀波導結構提出高效能之極化光分離器。利用次波長光柵結構的優點可以將元件進一步減少1400nm而TE與TM消光比約為13dB;19dB,插入損耗分別為3dB與1.5dB。而槽狀波導則是利用結構特性,形成一高場強之特殊模態,將TE限制於其中進行分光,而TE與TM消光比皆12 dB以上,插入損耗分別為3.2;2 dB。如要進一步提高消光比及減少插入損耗,可以多嘗試其他更高折射率之介電材材料之方向研究,以實現集成積體光電路之目標。

The photonic integrated circuit consists of many components, such as large integrated circuits semiconductor, like modulators, switches, beam splitters, transmitters, detectors, amplifiers, etc., in this paper focuses on designing Polarization Beam Splitter (PBS). The splitter is based on an Augmented Low Index Guiding(ALIG), and using multimode interference and a sub-wavelength grating structure; slot waveguide structure builds high-performance polarization beam splitter. using the advantages of the sub-wavelength grating structure, the device can be further reduced to 1400 nm and the TE and TM extinction ratio is about 13 dB; 19 dB, the insertion loss is 3 dB and 1.5 dB, respectively. Utilization slot waveguide structural characteristics to form a super mode with a strength field, confining the TE for polarization splitting, and the TE and TM extinction ratios are both above 12 dB, and the insertion loss is 3.2; 2 dB, respectively. If you want to further increase the extinction ratio and reduce the insertion loss, we can try other higher refractive index dielectric materials to achieve the goal of large photonic integrated circuit.
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