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標題: 利用混和石墨烯電漿波導之可調分光器
Tunable beam splitter based on hybrid graphene plasmonic waveguide with sub-wavelength grating
作者: 孫德嘉
Te-Chia Sun
關鍵字: 石墨烯;多模態干涉;混合型波導;次波長光柵;分光器;Graphene;Multi-mode Interfrence;Hybrid Plasmonic Waveguide;Sub-Wavelength Grathing;beam splitter
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本論文利用多模態干涉、混合型波導、次波長光柵等原理設計出兩種可藉由電壓調控的石墨烯分光器。第一種是多模態分光器,利用多模態干涉控制光場走向,藉由石墨烯層數的配置、混合型波導和次波長光柵我們將結構由1200 nm縮短至625 nm,並且能量輸出比率由0.27上升到0.58。第二種為方向耦合器,利用波導間的耦合長度控制光場走向,藉由石墨烯層數的配置、混合型波導我們將結構由2600 nm縮短至325 nm,並且能量輸出比率由0.07上升到0.46。

In this study we design two kinds of graphene beam splitters that can be regulated with voltage by using multi-mode interference, hybrid waveguide and sub-wavelength grating.The first one is a multi-mode beam splitter that uses multi-modal interference to control the direction of the light field. By configuring the number of graphene layers, hybrid waveguides and sub-wavelength gratings, we shorten the structure from 1200 nm to 620 nm, and the energy output ratio increased from 0.27 to 0.58. The second type is a directional coupler, which uses the coupling length to control the light field direction. By the configuration of the number of graphene layers and the hybrid waveguide, we shorten the structure from 2600 nm to 325 nm, and the energy output ratio increased from 0.07 to 0.46.
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