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dc.contributor.authorFeng-Shou Yangen_US
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dc.description.abstractThe discovery of two-dimensional materials has attracted many people's attention, with the development of science and technology, the more thin the component size, the production of components has also face many challenges. The two-dimensional material and metal contact to produce contact resistance, contact resistance will affect the characteristics of the transistor itself so that its component characteristics become very poor. As a result, many people study the contact resistance of transverse graphene and molybdenum disulfide or graphene to the heterogeneous structure of tungsten disulfide. It is confirmed that graphene can actually reduce contact resistance, but many people's literature is studying n-type semiconductor materials, and the lack of p-type materials also applies to this result. The use of CVD grown graphene and WSe2 as a heterostructure transistor, and measured by direct flow measurements and low-frequency noise measurements, have confirmed that graphene reduces contact resistance (Rsd) and makes Graphene/WSe2/graphene transistors Ion/Ioff is greater than 106 and all parameters are elevated. The carrier number fluctuation (CNF) is analyzed by the low frequency noise, because the carrier is caused by the defect catching and releasing. The defect not only comes from the surface of the dielectric layer and the channel surface, but also contains the density of the carrier defect in the channel. In order to realize the application of field-effect transistor, we measure the switching speed of two kinds of components through an oscilloscope and realize the application of logic inverter through the external circuit.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontents中文摘要 i Abstract ii 圖目錄 v 第一章 緒論 1 第二章 文獻回顧 2 2-1 二硒化鎢元件特性 2 2-2 二維材料接點電阻 7 2-3 研究動機 12 第三章 原理 13 3-1 場效應電晶體 13 3-2 低頻雜訊 17 第四章 實驗 23 4-1 元件 23 4-2 實驗設備 24 第五章 結果與討論 26 5-1 元件結構及材料特性 26 5-2 基本電學特性 27 5-3 低頻雜訊分析 30 5-4 應用 36 第六章 結論 38 參考資料 40zh_TW
dc.subjectfield effect transistorsen_US
dc.subjectTwo dimensional materialen_US
dc.subjectContact resistanceen_US
dc.subjectlow frequency noiseen_US
dc.titleCVD Graphene/WSe2/Graphene transistors: influence of graphene contactsen_US
dc.typethesis and dissertationen_US
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