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標題: 以修改版的UTAUT2模式探討Chromecast的使用者意願
The Study of the User Intention of Chromecast: a Revision of UTAUT2
作者: 吳逸凡
Yi-Fan Wu
關鍵字: Chromecast;UTAUT2;谷歌;路徑分析;Chromecast;UTAUT2;Google;Path Analysis
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Online streaming has been progressively popular recently. Chromecast is one of the features. Our research focuses on the people's intention of use of Chromecast by applying modified the UTAUT2 (extended unified theory of acceptance and use of technology) theory. By path analysis, we find that performance expectancy, facilitating conditions, hedonic motivation, price value, habit and brand image have significant effect on the behavioral intention of using Chromecast, while effort expectancy and social influence do not have significant effect on the behavioral intention of using Chromecast and all the moderators (gender, age and experience) do not have significant moderating effect. The academic and managerial implication are also discussed.
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