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標題: 金融業董事會特性與績效之關聯性
The Relationship between Board Characteristics and Performance in Financial Industry
作者: 許于珊
Yu-Shan Hsu
關鍵字: 公司治理;董事會特性;公司績效;corporate governance;board characteristics;corporate performance

The board of directors plays an important role in corporate governance. Its composition and operating mechanism and effectiveness are also topics in practice, academia, and authorities. In recent years, there have been many cases of financial frauds in the financial industry including the cases of Mega, Qingfu, and SinoPac Holdings. The embezzlement, misappropriating, loan fraud, over-loan, and money laundering of financial institution could be explained that the failure of its internal control and risk management mechanisms. The issue of corporate governance has been gradually emphasized. Qualified board supervision and sound risk management are very important. In financial industry, corporate governance is also an important issue.

Therefore, this study focuses on the relationship between the board characteristics and performance of financial industry in Taiwan and examines whether the number of board members, the ratio of independent directors, the ratio of major shareholders, the setting of functional committees, the ratio of financial expertise, the family leader, and the attendance rate affect performance. The sample period of the study is from 2008 to 2016. This study controls total assets, shareholder equity ratio, the ratio of artificial person shareholding, directors managers ratio, revenue growth rate, firm age, and return on assets (return on equity) for the previous year, and create dummy variables of time and business to enhance the robustness of research results.

There are three main findings of the study results. The higher ratio of financial expertise, the worse performance. The performance of the firms setting compensation committee are good. The higher ratio of group board shareholding, the worse performance.
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