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標題: 技術發展流程分析與創新之研究 --以覆晶產品Flip Chip為例
A Study of Technology Development Flow Analysis & Innovation for Flip Chip Product Application
作者: 羅傑
Chieh Lo
關鍵字: 半導體封測;覆晶產品;新技術發展流程;Flip Chip product;New technology development flow;IC PKG assembly process
引用: 1. 中文參考文獻 方仁廣(2016),半導體IC封裝測試產業新產品開發關鍵成功因素之研究,中山大學管理學院碩士論文,第79頁 黎中正譯,'實驗設計與分析',高立圖書有限公司,民國87年11月30日 2. 英文參考文獻
本論文探討半導體封裝產業的技術發展流程分析與創新之研究,從半導體與封裝技術的密切關係來切入,在藉由近一兩年內市場上最夯的新興產品,例如:比特幣、A I人工智慧產品、車用電子、電競市場、支付系統等等的產品應用,都離不開半導體的封裝產業,而高階產品的需求部分就會與本論文所提及的覆晶產品習習相關,所以覆晶產品新技術/新產品發展的專案需求顯得格外重要。



This paper discusses the analysis and innovation of the technology development process in the semiconductor packaging industry. It is based on the close relationship between semiconductors and packaging assembly technology in the past one or two years, the most embarrassing emerging products on the market, such as: Bitcoin, AI artificial the product applications of smart products, automotive electronics, gaming markets, payment systems, etc., are all inseparable from the semiconductor packaging industry, and the demand for high-end products will be related to the flip-chip product mentioned in this paper. The project requirements for the new technology/new product development of Flip-Chip products are particularly important.

The information and work experience from the literature can be summarized into three different project research and development processes, and the advantages and disadvantages of each process are also analyzed. The authors plan on the current product cycle in the market and on the consideration of time, cost and quality. A new technology development process was developed and examples were used to verify the process. Good experimental results were obtained. The most efficient use of human resources and material costs and product quality can be achieved within the shortest development time. The guarantee that the task is achieved is accomplished.

The research and development process model constructed in this paper has considerable value and some experience sharing. After referring to this paper, it may provide some help for the industry or semiconductor industry in the development of new technology and new products.
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