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標題: 製造業管理中運用人力精實策略降低人力資源成本之研究
A Study of Using Staff Reduction to Reduce Human Resources Cost in Manufacturing Management
作者: 張家瑞
Chia-Jui Chang
關鍵字: 製造業管理;人力資源成本;人力精實策略;manufacturing management;human resource cost;staff reduction
引用: 1. 寒武,人力資源戰略與規劃,中國發展出版社,2007。 2. 趙曙明,吳慈生,徐軍,企業集團發展與人力資源管理理論的關係研究,中國軟科學,2002,(9)。 3. 蔡偉棟,企業人力資源成本控制策略分析,蘇州大學學位辦,2009。 4. 範欣,淺析企業人力資源成本問題,商場現代化,2009,(2)。 5. 杜曉榮,陸慶春,張穎,成本控制與管理[M],清華大學出版社,北京交通大學出版社,2007,8。 6. Lloyd L.Byars,Leslie W.Rue Human Resource Management(7th Edition)Beijing Psots&Telecom Press,2004,1. 7. 2017年中國食品包裝市場調查研究與發展趨勢預測報告,中國產業調研網,2017。 8. 劉仁傑,精實系統下的人力資源管理,東海大學產業創新經營研究室,2017。

In the environment of rapid economic development and transformation of business model, the competition of manufacturing industry is quite fierce. At present, the gross profit rate of manufacturing industry is constantly declining. With the continuous increase of the production cost of enterprises, such as the increase of the cost of machinery and materials and the increase of labor cost, the operating difficulties of enterprises are further increased.This studies the strategy of human resource refinement to reduce the cost of human resource in manufacturing management and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.
First of all, this study analyzes the options to reduce the cost of human resources by studying the control of human cost, the calculation of labor hours and production capacity. For example with HONCHUAN Company , according to historical data, the company integrated in the department work projects, as well as the production line more than a person hillock training, preliminary set each post standard number, during the trial, collect the implementation of each position adjustment, to develop a number of post standard compiled executable (It is mean staff reduction after the standard number).The factory carries out the actual benefit evaluation for the number of employees, labor cost, and sales through the implementation of 5 months.
In the end, the key points of the strategy are put forward, and the direction of future improvement is suggested, so as to help achieve the goal of reducing the cost of human resources in manufacturing management.
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