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標題: 「微型創業鳳凰貸款」之政策行銷研究
The Study of Policy Marketing for Micro-Business Startup Phoenix Program
作者: 謝欣樺
Hsin-Hua Hsieh
關鍵字: 微型創業鳳凰貸款;政策行銷;微型貸款;Micro-Business Startup Phoenix Program;Policy marketing;Micro loan

There is a structural change in Taiwan industry recently. For those who cannot find proper job opportunity in the market, some of them choose to start their own business. Micro business is a more popular choice because of the lower requirement and less capital. Capital and professional knowledge are the essential factors in the beginning of the startup process. However, most minority groups are in lack of these factors. Government plans many counseling measures actively and provides policy loan projects to help people starting their own business, but how to convey these policies to the target groups through marketing and to achieve the goal is another important lesson for the government.
The study takes the 'Micro-Business Startup Phoenix Program' policy for research. It analyzes the policy execution and promotion overview from the perspective of all interest parties by existing data analysis and in-depth interview methods, and supplemented by SWOT to analyze the advantages and disadvantages, potential opportunities, and threats of the policy. It also discusses the marketing strategy of the policy from the policy marketing theory. Finally, it analyzes and sorts out the marketing communication result and resources connection result of the policy, and proposes the difficulty when promoting the policy in order to provide adequate suggestion to the government.
The study result shows: 1. Even though the government uses many communication tools to promote its policy, the information was not entirely conveyed to the target group. 2. It has established the resources connection with individual groups and other government departments. 3. It faces difficulties of limited funds and interference of agency during the promotion process. 4. The review process assists loan appliers to get loans more easily. 5. The communication between the public and private sectors need to be strengthened. 6. Most people agree that 'Micro-Business Startup Phoenix Program' reached its policy goal.
Through theory and interview data analysis, the study proposes the following suggestions of the 'Micro-Business Startup Phoenix Program' policy. 1. Increase the marketing fund and require different marketing programs to different market segments. 2. Develop multiple marketing channels and evaluate their effectiveness. 3. Strengthen the counsel after loan. 4. Increase the flexibility of the loan application process. 5. Integrate all sorts of policy loans.
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