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標題: 在VOSO4水溶液中陰極沉積V2O5於鋁基材之研究
Cathodic V2O5 Deposition on Al in VOSO4 aqueous solutions
作者: 江雅萍
Chiang, Ya Ping
關鍵字: vanadium;陰極沉積;aluminum;Li-ion battery;cathode;cathodic deposition;VOSO4;鋁;陰極;VOSO4
出版社: 材料工程學研究所

Cathodic V2O5 deposition on Al was conducted in VOSO4 aqueous solutions. Compared to cathodic polarization curves in NaSO4, H2SO4 and HCl, cathodic reaction in VOSO4 could be divided into 3 stages: (1) , (2) and (3) .
Various kinds of thickness and surface morphology were obtained by controlling concentrations, applied potentials, applied currents and deposition times. Some deposited specimens were further characterized by TGA/DSC, SEM/EDS, XRD and cyclic voltammometry (CV) tests.
Results of TGA/DSC and XRD verified that the as-deposited film was VO(OH)2 at room temperature, then condensed into VO2 at 250℃, and further oxidized into V2O5 at 281℃. However, more crystalline V2O5 was found at T5 for td.
CV tests revealed that the reaction were reversible and its working voltage was 3.17V for V2O5/LiPF6/Li batteries.
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