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標題: MgIn2O4 與氧化銦錫(ITO)之光電性質分析比較
作者: 賴明宏
關鍵字: Mg;M. W. Lee
出版社: 材料工程學研究所

Optical and electrical properties of thin films of prepared by RF Indium-Tin-Oxide(ITO) and Magnesium_Indium-_Oxide(MgIn2O4)
Author: M. H. Lai Porfesser: M. W. Lee
We study the effect of sintering temperature, time on the preparation of MgIn2O4 target. The prepared target was analysed by X-ray diffraction and atomic analyser. Optimal condition for target preparation is obtained.
ITO and MgIn2O4 films were prepared by Rf sputtering electrical measurements revealed that the resistivity of the synthesiyed films is in the range 1.2k-2.6 μΩ-cm. Optical transmission measure reavealed the transmission is in the range og 80-90%.
Analysis indicated that the most important parameter in the suptted films is the Oxygen content. For high O content, the films exhibit high transmission and low resist. For low O-content, the films exhibit lower temperature and extrenly high reisit.
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