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標題: 有聲iBeacon於室內定位之輔助
Acoustic iBeacon assisted by indoor positioning
作者: 歐嘉彥 
Chia-Yen Ou 
關鍵字: 室內定位;iBeacon;RSSI;盲人;導航;Indoor Positioning;iBeacon;RSSI;Blind;Navi
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Currently, the needs for the studies and practical demand for indoor positioning have been growing gradually. Additionally, iBeacon for positioning has been widely used recently; however, its accuracy has always been an issue for improvement. Particularly when the users are people with visual impairment, because they are not able to judge their positions by seeing their surroundings as other ordinary people do; therefore, the positioning accuracy is extremely important for them.

The purpose of this study is to utilize mobile phones and Audio iBeacon which developed by THLight Inc. for indoor positioning. Through the sound from the iBeacon to conduct a regression analysis method and prove the dB value has a positive correlation with the RSSI signal. Afterward, design a navigation mobile application with this basis and implement various real-world experiments to confirm the design could effectively increase the positioning accuracy from creating an auxiliary sound with the RSSI signal, as well as correcting the errors that caused by the unstable RSSI signal. Compared with other studies that purely considered RSSI signals for the only positioning basis, this study presents a brand new auxiliary system to reinforce the positioning accuracy. At the end of the research, this study also simulated real scenarios for the people with visual impairment to operate the design; the result indeed demonstrated that the design could assist the visually impaired users and improve their inconvenience in moving indoors.
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