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標題: Improvement of PEMFC Performance by Adding AB2-type Hydrogen Storage Alloy in the Anode Catalyst Layer
添加AB2型儲氫合金於陽極觸媒層以提升 PEMFC之性能
作者: 張林杰
Chang, Lin-Chien
關鍵字: Proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC);質子交換膜燃料電池;Water management;Hydrogen storage alloy (HSA);水管理;儲氫合金
出版社: 材料科學與工程學系所
Proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) has attracted various attentions due to its advantages of high power density, high energy-conversion, simplicity of operation and near-zero pollutant. For the most part, the anode side of the proton exchange membrane (PEM) and the anode catalyst layer are often dewatering due to the electro-osmotic drag effect. Furthermore, PEM needs to be well-hydrated in order to maintain high proton conductivity, or it will lead to a considerable drop of the PEMFC' performance. Traditionally, the reactant gases are humidified through an external humidifier before entering the cell. However, this kind of operation system increases the overall weight, and easily complicates the cell system. Thus, investigating membrane-electrode assembly (MEA) with self humidification ability is the key technology to increase the performance of PEMFC.
The aim of this study is preparing a self-humidified MEA without external humidifier in order to improve the hydration level of anode side. In this study, AB2-type hydrogen storage alloy (HSA) is used as water-absorbent and added into the anode catalyst layer for enhancing the wettability of anode and cell performance at low-humidity condition. The experimental results indicate that a decrease of contact angle would be observed as the increase of AB2-type HSA content from 10 wt. % to 40 wt. %. It demonstrates that the hydrophilic property of AB2-type HSA. In the single cell test, the results proved that the addition of AB2-type HSA into anode catalyst layer can actually enhance the adsorption of water and promote the back diffusion reaction simultaneously. Within different addition amount, the 10 wt. % AB2-type HSA by ball-milling treatment doped anode catalyst layer reveals the best performance.

質子交換膜燃料電池 (PEMFC) 由於具有高能量密度、高轉換效率、操作容易和零污染等優點備受矚目。ㄧ般質子交換膜 (PEM)會由於電滲作用 (electro-osmotic) 使得陽極側缺水 (dewatering),膜如果太乾燥會導致質子交換膜燃料電池性能下降,因此質子交換膜必須要保持濕潤的狀態才有較高的質子導電度。習慣上會將反應氣體在進入燃料電池之前先經由外部增濕器增濕,然而這種方式會增加整體的重量而且使系統複雜化。因此,研發具有自增濕能力的膜電極組 (MEA) 是質子交換膜燃料電池的一個關鍵技術。
本研究主要探討在不外加增濕系統的情況下,製備出具有自増濕能力的膜電極組來改善陽極缺水的情況。在這個研究中,AB2型儲氫合金 (AB2-type HSA) 被用來當作水分子的吸附劑添加於陽極觸媒層中,增進陽極側的濕度並提升電池的性能。由接觸角分析結果發現隨著AB2型儲氫合金含量的增加 (從10 wt.%到40 wt.%),接觸角有下降的趨勢,顯示AB2型儲氫合金具有親水性。在單電池測試中,發現AB2型儲氫合金添加在陽極觸媒層中,可以幫助外加水氣的吸收,同時增強背擴散現象,其中以添加10 wt.%球磨處理過的AB2型儲氫合金的性能最佳。
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