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標題: 隔離式LED驅動器之磁通回授控制
Feedback Control for Isolated LED Driver Using Magnetic Field
作者: 黃鍾信
Chung-Hsin Huang
關鍵字: LED驅動器;頻率位移鍵送;返馳式;磁場通訊;LED diver;Frequency-Shift Keying;Fly-Back;Magnetic Field communication
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先前的研究 '基於無線通訊技術之雲端自動化高可靠度節能LED照明系統及其系統分析' 提出一種基於無線通訊技術的節能LED照明系統。而本研究提出一種透過LED返馳式驅動器所產生的磁場效應,來傳遞數位資訊、並藉由這些資訊來自動調整LED的亮度。

After the innovation of LED was release, the relevant technology of LED has became more and more mature. There are two types of driver, isolated and non-isolated. In terms of the safety requirement of LED driver, isolateddriver has became the most popular driver in the market. Due to the requirement of minimizing the size of driver in the market, inventors of driver have to overcome the limitation of areaby the PCB, circuit protection and the requirement of the system liability. Since the awareness of energy saving and the energy regulation in the world, the inventors of the driver have to follow the energy relation in order to design a qualified driver.
According to the research ' LED Lighting Cloud Service Analysis and Implementation Based-on Wireless Communication for Energy-Saving and High Reliability ' It states that the energy-saving LED lighting system are based on wireless communication technology. This research provide an improvement LED fly-back driver Transformer magnetic field generated to pass information and respond to these information automatically adjust the LED brightness.
This study offers a method without setting up wireless transmission. For instance, the previous study proposes the router without the cloud lighting management system can automatically adjust the LED brightness to achieve energy-saving effect. magnetic field communication is done by the secondary side of the microcontroller Frequency-Shift Keying to send data back to the primary side. while the primary side of the microcontroller through the detection of changes in frequency to interpret the control signal and the LED driver to do the corresponding brightness adjustment.
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