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標題: 使用有限幾何建構循環置換碼
Construction of Cyclically Permutable Codes from Finite Geometry
作者: 陳俊叡
Jun-Rui Chen
關鍵字: 有限幾何;歐基里德幾;何投影幾何;循環置換碼;Finite geometry;Euclidean geometry;Projective geometry;cyclically permutable code
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本論文將探討如何使用有限幾何(Finite geometry)中的歐基里德幾何(Euclidean geometry, EG)和投影幾何(Projective geometry, PG)來建構循環置換碼(cyclically permutable code, CPC)。相較於一般循環置換碼的造法,本篇論文的研究重點將著重於幾何學中點、線、面的概念,並探討其循環位移(cyclic shift)的特性,將其融入編碼的概念,從而建構出循環置換碼。

In this thesis, we will explore how to construct cyclically permytable code (CPC) using Euclidean geometry (EG) and Projective geometry (PG) in Finite geometry. Compared with the general way to construct cyclic permutable code, this thesis will focus on the concepts of points, lines and flats in geometry, and explore the characteristic of cyclic shift, combined with the concept of coding, then construct the cyclically permytable code.
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