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標題: 一步驟溶液法製備鈣鈦礦太陽能電池之研究
One‐step solution‐based process for perovskite solar cells
作者: 邢紹宇
Shao-Yu Hsing
關鍵字: 鈣鈦礦太陽能電池;一步驟溶液法;前驅溶液預處理;低壓輔助處理;perovskite solar cell;one-step solution process;precursor pretreatment;low-pressure assisted process

Hybrid organic-inorganic perovskite solar cells have been paid much attention recently because of their high conversion efficiency, simple and low-cost fabrication process. In order to investigate the effect of its fabrication parameters on one‐step solution‐based synthesis, the CH3NH3PbI3 is chosen as the absorbent layer of perovskite solar cell for the discussion. This thesis can be mainly divided into two parts.
The first part focuses on the effect of pretreatment temperature of perovskite precursor solution on the properties of resultant perovskite film. Our results show that an appropriate pretreatment temperature for precursor is allowed to obtain a preferred film quality. It can be attributed to the formation of stable intermediate phase, beneficial for the spin-coating process. While the pretreatment temperatures of the precursor is too high, there are many holes formation among the resultant perovskite film, degrading the conversion efficiency of solar cells.
In the second part, we study the effect of the low-pressure assisted process on the resultant perovskite film. Our experimental results indicate that the smoother and denser perovskite film can be obtained while the as-coated precursor film is treated in the suitable time. However when the treatment time is too short or too long, many holes are present among the resultant perovskite film, which is disadvantageous for the cell conversion efficiency.
In the end of the thesis, we experimentally compare the samples of perovskite solar cells, prepared by different pretreatment solution temperatures and the low-pressure assisted process, and explain the relationship between them.
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