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標題: 扇出晶圓級封裝模壓參數最佳化之探討
Optimization of Fan-Out Wafer Level Package molding parameters
作者: 陳宥辰
Yu-Chen Chen
關鍵字: FOWLP;Warpage;封裝;熱應力;有限元素法;田口法分析;FOWLP;Warpage;Packaging;Thermal stress;Finite element method;Taguchi method
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The recent fan-out wafer level packaging has become the current trend. From the point of view of low cost, the most significant advantage of FOWLP is that it can save the carrier board and the thickness of the package is also thinner, which helps to enhance the competitiveness of the chip manufacturer. But today there are many challenges, such as warpage caused by the mismatch between the thermal expansion coefficients of EMC materials and wafers in the packaging process, which are currently facing a major challenge.
The main purpose of this paper is to focus on the package molding process. Four kinds of control factors are used to simulate the processing temperature, cooling time, ambient temperature and thermal expansion coefficient, and then the L9 orthogonal table is used to quickly find the best parameter combination, and then extend to each of the four different factors, and finally find the more The high processing temperature is proportional to the room temperature time required for the cooling environment, and under the same conditions, the lower the ambient temperature is expected to reduce the degree of warpage of the package. Therefore, the degree of influence of various parameter factors on warpage is provided to provide a reference basis for follow-up operators.
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