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標題: 3D單層奈米金顆粒結構電極之生物感測器開發
A novel biosensor electrode with self-assembled gold nanoparticles on a micro hemisphere array
作者: 林袁志
Yuan-Chih Lin
關鍵字: 無酵素葡萄糖感測器;半導體黃光微影製程;己二硫醇;Non-enzymatic glucose sensor;photolithography;1,6-hexanedithiol
本研究提出單層奈米金顆粒自組裝於微米半球陣列之微奈米複合結構電極,再應用於無酵素葡萄糖感測器。微奈米複合結構電極乃是以半導體黃光微影製程於6吋再生矽晶圓上製作規則排列之微米半球陣列結構,再於其上濺鍍一層金薄膜,並以自組裝方法於金薄膜表面修飾兩端皆帶有硫基的醇類化合物1,6-hexanedithiol (1,6-HDT),使其透過分子自組裝方式,分別與基板以及奈米金顆粒產生硫金鍵結,使單層奈米金顆粒均勻沉積於金薄膜表面,形成奈、微米複合結構之高敏性感測電極。再不需氧化酵素下,以計時安培法 (Chronoamperometry, CA)量測葡萄糖濃度結果顯示此電極可檢測葡萄糖濃度之線性範圍為1.39 mM至13.89 mM,靈敏度達336.1 μA•mM−1•cm−2,檢測極限為5.2 µM。此外;本感測器檢測葡萄糖濃度小於100 mg/dL時,其精確度達±1.70 mg/dL,遠優於FDA規範之±20 mg/dL與ISO 15197規範之±15 mg/dL。本研究所提出之新型無酵素葡萄糖感測器有成本低廉、製程簡單、可規模量產、檢測極限低且無因酵素活性降解之問題等優點,具備商品化之潛力,並可廣泛應用於Point-of-care。

In this study, we first proposed a low-cost and highly reproducible method for the mass production of a novel biosensor electrode with self-assembled monolayer of gold nanoparticle on a micro hemisphere array. An ordered array of micro hemispherical features was formed on a 6-inch reclaimed silicon wafer using photolithography. Then, a thin gold layer was sputtered onto the hemispheres. The wafer was then immersed into a 5 mM ethanol solution of 1,6-hexanedithiol (1,6-HDT) to enable the attachment of one thio-end of 1,6-HDT to the thin gold layer. Finally, a colloidal gold (15 nm) solution was dripped onto the wafer and baked on a hot plate in such a way that the monolayer of gold nanoparticles could self-assemble on the 1,6-HDT surface. The features of the fabricated biosensor electrodes were then applied for non-enzymatic glucose detections. Detection of glucose demonstrated that the proposed non-enzymatic glucose biosensor can operate in a linear range from 1.39 to 13.89 mM with a sensitivity of 336.1 μA•mM−1•cm−2 (CA) and a detection limit of 5.2 µM in glucose detection and has advantages of enzyme free, easy to mass production, low cost and long-term preservation. It can be used for future clinical and point-of-care applications.
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