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標題: 鈰促進鎳觸媒與氧氣增益對甲烷乾重組效能之探討
Effects of Ce-promoted Nickel Catalysts and O2-enhanced on Dry Reforming of Methane
作者: 方文佑
Wen-You Fung
關鍵字: 合成氣;甲烷乾重組;積碳;氧化鈰改性觸媒;氧氣添加;dry Syngas;Dry reforming of methane (DRM);Carbon deposition;CeO2-modified catalyst;O2 addition
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In this study, syngas production via dry reforming of methane (DRM) with CO2 was experimentally investigated using Ni-based catalysts. In order to suppress the carbon deposition for enhancing the catalyst activity, Ni/Al2O3 modified with CeO2 addition and O2 addition in the reactant were employed in this study. Due to the formation of CeAlO3 that enhancing the carbon-resistance ability, it was found that DRM performance can be enhanced by using CeO2 modified Ni/Al2O3 catalyst. Due to decrease in specific surface area as CeO2 amount increased, there appeared an optimum CeO2 loading for obtaining the best DRM performance. With O2 addition in the fed reactant, it was found that CH4 conversion can be enhanced by O2 addition. However, decrease in CO2 conversion due to CO2 formation from methane oxidation was resulted. It was also found that exothermic partial oxidation of methane was dominant when reaction temperature was low. This led to the results of higher yields of H2 and CO. The TGA test results showed that the CeO2 modified Ni/Al2O3 catalyst would have the lowest amount of carbon deposition when O2 was introduced in the reaction as compared with unmodified Ni/Al2O3 catalyst.
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