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標題: 應用nodally exact差分法解具Soret效應傾斜封閉空間內填充多孔性介質之時變雙擴散自然對流問題
Application of the nodally exact difference method to transient double diffusive natural convection in an inclined porous cavity with Soret effect
作者: 謝文軒
Wen-Hsuan Hsieh
關鍵字: 克蘭克-尼科爾森法;對流擴散反應方程;熱質傳;Soret效應;Crank-Nicolson method;Convection-Diffusion-Reaction (CDR) equation;Heat and mass transfer;Soret effect.
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本文主要分為兩部分﹐第一部分是基於T. W. H. Sheu 等人所提出
的nodally exact 差分模型﹐結合Crank-Nicolson 數值方法﹐並將其用於解暫態二維Convection-Diffusion-Reaction Equation(CDR) 。從數值結果發現﹐在同樣數量格點下﹐此方法在一維或是二維的數值實驗都可以得到更好的精度。在數值計算的結果中﹐空間的精度可為O(h2)﹐時間的收斂精度則是可以維持在O(Δt2) 。
第二部分是將上述的數值方法﹐結合SOR 迭代法來處理一個暫態二維
質時熱質傳交互作用之自然問題。在此我們主要考慮旋轉角度ϕ 、Soret 係數M 、雷里數RT、路易斯數Le 、浮力比N 對平均紐賽數Nu 及平均雪耳伍
德數Sh 的影響。
結果顯示: 在本文問題中﹐旋轉角度ϕ 上升時﹐平均紐賽數Nu 上升。
當Soret 效應M 增加﹐平均紐賽數Nu 減少﹐平均雪耳伍德數Sh 減少。
雷里數RT 增加﹐流速增加而使對流占優﹐平均紐賽數Nu 及平均雪耳伍德
數Sh 皆上升﹐使熱傳及質傳增加。而路易斯數Le 增加時﹐質傳的效果會更
好使平均雪耳伍德數Sh 上升。浮力比為-1 時﹐平均紐賽數Nu 及平均雪
耳伍德數Sh 會最小。

This thesis consists of two main parts,in the first part,we presents a hybrid numerical method based on the nodally exact difference scheme developed by Sheu et al.and the Crank-Nicolson method for unsteady convection-diffusion-reaction(CDR) equation.By the numerical examples we find that with the same nodes,this hybrid method can have the better accuracy no matter on the 1D or 2D cases,and the accuracy in space is $ mathcal{O}(h^2) $,and in temporal coordinate is $ mathcal{O}(Delta t^2) $.
The problem under investigation is the transient double diffusive natural convection with Soret effect in an inclined enclosure filled with a fluid-saturated porous medium.Of interest are the effects of the angle of inclination($phi$),the Soret number($M$),the Rayleigh number($R_T$),the Lewis number($Le$) and the buoyancy ratio($N$) on the average Nusselt number $overline{Nu}$ and the average Sherwood number $overline{Sh}$.
The results indicated that the average Nusselt number $overline{Nu}$ and the average Sherwood number $overline{Sh}$ increase with an increase in the angle of in the Lewis number $Le$ and the angle of inclination $phi$ and the Rayleigh number,or a decrease in the Soret number.The $overline{Nu}$ and $overline{Sh}$ have the smallest values,respectively,when N = -1.
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