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標題: Application of Time Domain Reflectometry Technology to Quantification of Reflected Waveforms on Coaxial Cables with Shear and Extension Tests
作者: Yu-Shu Lin
Shei-Chen Ho
Jun-Yang Chen
I-Hui Chen
Miau-Bin Su
關鍵字: Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR);ground sliding;quantification of TDR waveforms;時域反射技術;地層滑動;TDR 波形量化
Project: 中華水土保持, Volume 49, Issue 2, Page(s) 71-76.
This study applied Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) technology to quantify the deformation of coaxial cables with shear and extension in the laboratory by simulating the type and magnitude of cable deformation in a landslide. First, the test simulated two sliding planes by shear displacement in the laboratory with a TDR coaxial cable. Then, a TDR tester interrogated the reflected V-type waveforms of the cable. Subsequently, a quadratic regression established the relationship between reflection coefficient integrals and deformation magnitude. The maximum magnitude of a cable deformation by shearing was approximately 60 mm. Therefore, the changes of the cable’s shear deformation can be determined using the regression equation. The second test was an extension with the TDR technology. The result of reflected waveforms illustrated a significant increase in the amplitude of reflection coefficient as the cable ruptured, and the maximum magnitude of the cable’s extension displacement was approximately 40 mm.

本文應用時域反射技術 (TDR) 於同軸電纜受剪動與拉伸作用下的變位量化之室內試驗,以簡化 模擬埋設於地滑地之 TDR 系統所監測地層滑動的形式和變位量。本研究首先模擬雙重剪動面之同軸電纜受剪 力作用時,其 TDR 反射訊號呈現 V 字效應並以積分面積法量化後,得到其面積與變形量之回歸方程式,其最 大剪動量約 60 mm,故可由量測 TDR 所擷取之反射係數面積經由回歸公式求得相對之剪動量。第二試驗為同 軸電纜之拉伸作用,當同軸電纜破裂時,其 TDR 波形上顯示反射係數大幅上揚,最大拉伸量約 40 mm。
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