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標題: Assessment of Flood and Sediment Disaster Potential Area on Datu Terrace
作者: Chao-yuan Lin
Hsueh-fen Tseng
Kuei-Lin Fu
關鍵字: Risk analysis;Landslide scale;Water resources conservation;風險分析;崩塌規模;水源涵養
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 48, Issue 3, Page(s) 1803-1816.
Under climate change, the extreme rainfall event increases obviously and leads to sediment disaster on the slopeland. The excessive rainfall also would cause flood in the lowlands. The property and safety of resident are threatened by the disaster. This study was based on the delineation of sub-watersheds to analyze the landslide risk and scale on the Dadu Terrace. In addition, the curve number of pre- and/or postdevelopment in a sub-watershed can be evaluated using maps of landuse and soil, and then changes of potential maximum amount of water retention in a sub-watershed could be calculated. Hotspot screening and conservation planning in soil and water resources can be effectively carried out using the methodologies of this study. Results could be references for the related authorities in the disasters of debris and/or flood prevention.

受近年氣候變遷影響下,極端降雨事件有明顯增加之趨勢,並常導致山坡地崩塌之土砂災 害,超滲之地表逕流水亦會引發下游地區淹水,嚴重威脅下遊地區居民之生命財產安全,據此, 本研究以大肚山台地為研究樣區,透過集水區分析單元劃定,進行崩塌風險度及崩塌規模分析, 評估大肚山台地大規模崩塌潛勢,並透過土地利用及土壤圖套疊,得到土地開發前後之 CN(Curve Number)值,進而利用開發前後 CN 差值,比較開發前、後之最大蓄水量,進行水源 涵養能力評估,並以大規模崩塌規模潛勢劃定及水源涵養能力評估,作為大肚山台地土砂及淹 水災害防治之參考。
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