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標題: Priority selection of water conservation sites in Linkou Terrace
作者: Chih-Hsiang Yang
Kuei-Lin Fu
Chao-Yuan Lin
關鍵字: Laterite;Linkou Terrace;Curve number;Water resource conservation;Depression storage;紅土;林口台地;CN 值;水源涵養;窪蓄區位
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 49, Issue 2, Page(s) 2039-2052.
Under global climate change, the extreme rainfall event is frequent. Linkou Terrace with gentle slope and nearby urban area has been rapidly developed by urbanization extent recently, which increases the surface runoff and will be vulnerable to inundation. In order to operate the function of sedimentation, flood detention and water resource conservation, how to screen the water storage sites in Linkou Terrace is a crucial issue. In this study, the watersheds were delineated by the outlets which derived from the interception points of the river and road located on the skirts of Linkou Terrace. Curve number evaluated from maps of land-use and soil to estimate the difference of maximum retention potential under watersheds development. The potential inundation map is applied to verify the hotspot watersheds for water resource conservation. According to the results, the natural depression storage sites can be extracted from DEM of the selected hotspot watersheds, and the optimal site of water conservation can be ranked by the volume of depression storage. The study results can be a reference of related authorities for inundation prevention.

受全球氣候變遷之影響,極端降雨事件發生頻率增加,林口紅土台地因土壤入滲能力不佳, 台地頂部地勢平坦開發度高,致使超滲逕流累積,造成下游都會區常有淹水發生,因此,找出 林口紅土台地水源涵養區位,以發揮沉砂、滯洪及水源涵養之功能,乃林口紅土台地水資源保 育之重要議題。本研究以水系通過台地周圍環狀道路為評估點劃定集水分區,利用土壤及土地 利用圖套疊分析後,可得集水分區 CN 值之空間分布,推估開發前、後最大蓄水潛勢之平均差 值,配合淹水潛勢圖驗證水資源保育之重點集水分區,透過數值高程模型(DEM)找出重點集水 分區之天然漥蓄區位,並以漥蓄量體進行分數評比,優選重點集水分區之最佳水源涵養位置, 俾供淹水災害防治之參考。
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