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標題: Study of Levee Foundation Scour Prevention with Ring Column Spur Dike
作者: C.Y. Wang
S.J. Lu
M.S. Yang
關鍵字: ring column spur dike;axis inclination of spur dike;the scour depth reduction rate;環圈式丁壩工;壩軸坡度;沖刷減緩率
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 49, Issue 2, Page(s) 2053-2064.
The extreme climate types occur frequently under the effect of climate change in the global. High intensity rainfall frequently of typhoon, rapid flow of steep rivers and poor geological conditions result in severe variations of river bed and flood protection structures safety seriously. Levee foundation is the most important part of flood protection structures. It causes the scouring of the river bed around the levee foundation, and results in the exposure of the levee foundation and impacts the safety of people life and property. Therefore, this study develops a new type of protection works, water-permeable ring column spur dikes, to enhance the security of levee foundations. Various parameters of lived-bed experiment including the angles with flow direction of spur dike (θ=45°、90°、 135°) and axis inclination of spur dike (S = level、1/30、1/10) are considered. Based on the experiment, we can understand the scour characteristics and propose optimal allocation of the protection works of levee foundation. The results show that the ring column spur dike facing toward the upstream sets at 45° angles, 1/10 axis inclination of spur dike, it is the optimal set type among the experimental conditions conducted in this study. The optimal allocation of spur dike can reduce 52.7% of the scour depth reduction rate of levee foundation.

在全球氣候急速變遷下,颱洪汛期時之高強度集中降雨益加頻繁,加上台灣河川坡陡流急及地質 條件不佳,而造成河道劇烈的沖淤變化,嚴重影響防洪構造物的安全。堤防基腳為防洪構造物最 重要部分,若遭沖刷破壞則造成潰堤,將導致堤後人民生命財產重大損失。因此,本研究基於保 護堤基安全,研發新型之透水性環圈式丁壩工。考量丁壩工之設置角度(θ=45°、90°、135°)及 丁壩工壩軸坡度(S=水平、1/30、1/10)等重要幾何參數進行動床試驗,藉由相關沖刷防治試驗來 瞭解其沖刷特性及堤基保護工之最佳配置。試驗結果發現,環圈式向上游丁壩工(θ=45°),能有 效抑制丁壩壩頭沖刷坑發展,於壩軸坡度為 1/10 時,其壩頭沖刷減緩率約為 52.7%效果最佳。
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