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標題: Detection of Ground Surface Deformation from Temporarily Coherent Point SAR Interferometry: A Case Study in Chianan Plain
作者: Chiang-Sheng Chi
Yu-Shen Hsiao
Wei-Chia Hung
關鍵字: Land Subsidence;TCPInSAR;Chianan Plain;地層下陷;時域相關點雷達干涉技術;嘉南平原
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 49, Issue 2, Page(s) 2083-2104.
This study is aimed at monitoring the land subsidence velocity by Interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) technique over parts of Chianan Plain. Chianan Plain area suffered from serious land subsidence due to heavy groundwater withdrawal. Thus how to effective monitor land subsidence becomes a major issue in Taiwan. Temporarily Coherent Point InSAR (TCPInSAR) is one of InSAR methods and it can be used to obtain large-area ground displacement information with high accuracy. In this study, we adopt TCPInSAR with 16 ALOS PALSAR images from 2007 to 2011 to derive land deformation over parts of Chianan Plain area. The results from TCPInSAR are validated by those from leveling data. This research shows that the density of TCPs derived from TCPInSAR is about 171.54 pixel/km2. The vertical displacements resulted from TCPInSAR yields a root-mean-square (RMS) error of 0.8 cm/year by comparing those from leveling data. We conclude that the TCPInSAR can be effectively used for monitoring large-scale land subsidence with high accuracy.

本研究利用合成孔徑雷達干涉技術,監測嘉南平原部分地區 2007 年至 2011 年間的地層下陷 速度。嘉南平原地區過去因過度抽取地下水,導致地層下陷情形嚴重,如何快速與精確監測下陷 範圍與下陷速率為重要議題。時域相關點雷達干涉技術為合成孔徑雷達差分干涉技術方法之一, 不僅可獲得大範圍地表變形資訊,同時可獲得高量測精度。本文採用時域相關點雷達干涉技術搭 配 2007 年 3 月至 2011 年 3 月共 15 幅 ALOS PALASR 影像,綜合分析嘉南平原地區之地表變形 速率成果,並與水準資料進行比對。經本研究分析成果顯示,在嘉義與台南地區獲得之時域相關 點點位密度達每平方公里 217.6 點,時域相關點雷達干涉技成果與水準測量成果比對之均方根誤 差約 0.8 公分/年,顯示此方法具有高準確性,並且能有效應用於大面積地層下陷監測。
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