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標題: Soil Behavior under cyclic changes of pore water pressure
作者: Kuang-Tsung Chang
Ruei-Kai Liao
關鍵字: triaxial test;pore water pressure;creep;三軸試驗;孔隙水壓;潛變
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 49, Issue 3, Page(s) 2131-2142.
To find out how the changes of pore water pressure affects the slope behavior, we conducted the triaxial test with sinusoidal cyclic changes of pore pressure on non-cohesive and cohesive soils. The test results show that the behavior of non-cohesive soil is slightly affected by the cyclic changes of pore pressure, whereas cohesive soil is weakened due to the cyclic changes of pore pressure, which can induce failure at the stress that is less than the strength under monotonic loading. Cyclic changes of pore pressure significantly affect the behavior of cohesive soil.

本研究探討孔隙水壓變化對土壤行為的影響,我們使用三軸試驗反覆增減孔隙水壓,分別 對無凝聚性與凝聚性土壤進行試驗。結果顯示,無凝聚性土壤的強度受孔隙水壓反覆增減行為 影響有限。而凝聚性土壤會隨孔隙水壓反覆增減的影響而強度弱化,會在低於單調荷重強度下 的應力產生破壞,反覆增減孔隙水壓對凝聚性土壤行為有顯著的影響。
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